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PS4TLA: Privacy Support for the Total Learning Architecture Operational Characteristics

2017; Knijnenburg, B.P.; et al.

The Total Learning Architecture (TLA) is a set of specifications to enable the development of next-generation learning systems. As the TLA specifications are being developed, there exists an opportunity to implement Privacy by Design(PbD), where privacy is treated as a fundamental part of the system, and taken into account throughout the entire development lifecycle of the system, starting at the early stages of design and development [51, 207, 308, 314, 335]. This document therefore describes the potential impact of the Operational Characteristics (OCs) of TLA-based systems on users' privacy concerns. The OCs are aspects of TLA-based systems that can be implemented in various ways. The purpose of this document is to allow ADL and other TLA performers to select the operational variants that best alleviate users' privacy concerns.