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PERvasive Learning System (PERLS): Verification, Validation, and Experimental Testing - Learning Strategy Analysis Report

2019; Roscoe, R.; Craig, S.

This report provides a summary of a review of the learning strategy of the PERvasive Learning System (PERLS). PERLS is a mobile, personalized system for delivering content and recommendations to learners in the workplace or informal settings. The system was designed as a platform for SRL–a means for employees in office settings or persons serving in the military to advance their education in a self-determined manner. In addition, PERLS was created to support self-regulation using functions, interfaces, and prompts to guide attention and interest. The analyses in the current report were conducted initially on version 1.0 and on a working Alpha version 2.0 of PERLS. While a new version of PERLS was in development, a method for performing a heuristic evaluation of self-regulated learning was developed. The purpose of this new heuristic rubric was to provide a quick generalized framework for evaluation self-regulated learning support within a system. The SRL Heuristic Evaluation Framework was created to be flexible, so a fully developed system was not needed to conduct evaluation, so the evaluation could be conducted quickly during the development process. As an initial use case of the rubric, materials on PERLS version 1.0, which was no longer functioning system at the time of the review, were evaluated. This evaluation included all identified publications on PERLS, reports on PERLS provided by DoD Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, and initial training ppts. Results from this analysis can be found in Section 1 (PERLS 1.0: Application of the Heuristic Evaluative Framework). Section 2 of the report summarizes a review of the alpha version of PERLS 2.0 using the SRL heuristic evaluation framework. Section 2 of this report shows how this framework can be used to evaluation SRL and succinctly report problems.

Contract: HQ0034-19-C-0018

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