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Advanced Distributed Learning: Capability Maturity Model - Technical Report

2020; Malone, N.; Hernandez, M.; Reardon, A.; Liu, Y.

Purpose of the Model:

The purpose of this report is to describe the development of the ADL Initiative Distributed Learning Capability Maturity Model (DL-CMM), illustrate its major components, and explain how it can be used to improve processes. The DL-CMM is a tool to appraise an organization’s or enterprise’s capabilities in its distributed learning processes and functions. This document describes each step of the model’s development and provides guidance for the preparation and use of the model for appraisal.

Value of the Model:

The CMM has the potential to provide a “total view” of the current distributed learning status of a participating organization. It shows the resources, expertise and capabilities an organization needs to optimize its use of distributed learning. Where these elements are lacking, the DL-CMM provides perspective on what must be implemented to reach the next level of capability.

Who Should Use the Model:

Organizations, enterprises, and projects endeavoring to implement distributed learning systems and processes are candidates for using the DL-CMM. Key personnel in senior leadership, learning design, information technology and data management and others invested in the distributed learning implementation process can use the model to gauge their current maturity and improve their distributed learning processes.

Contract: HQ003420R0223

DTIC: AD1104404