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Out-Learn, Out-Think, Win: Future Learning and Development

January 30, 2018
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“Out-Learn, Out-Think, Win: Future Learning and Development” tells a story about how Defense personnel may learn in the future, using complex interconnected network-based technologies. The video is a fictional depiction of how a future learning ecosystem, or the Total Learning Architecture (TLA) could work. Viewers travel with Staff Sergeant (SSG) Reynolds along her learning pathway from training prerequisites to a culminating exercise, both of which take advantage of distributed learning. SSG Reynolds works through the individualized learning experience at a flexible pace and proceeds on to the collective learning event, which is facilitated by an instructor and connects live and virtual team members to accomplish the mission. The instructor takes advantage of personnel’s competencies and skills, which have been shared and made interoperable across systems. This demonstrates potential efficiencies in cultivating teams for mission success.

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