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CHUNK Learning: Proof of Concept Technical Webinar

July 31, 2019
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Traditional education relies on teachers driving curriculum delivery while placing all students through the same topics, at the same time and speed, generally teaching to the average student. Our Curated Heuristic Using a Network of Knowledge for Continuum of Learning (CHUNK Learning) research project is a realtime and adaptive teaching-learning method for enhanced and personalized education. It provides a curated way of moving through a network of knowledge composed of reusable learning objects joined together by common attributes (i.e., tagged with competency or skill levels), rather than following the standard linear or tree-like system of lectures or chapters. CHUNK Learning thus enables the learner to heuristically discover or learn based on personal background and interests, which we believe will not only enhance the learner’s talents, but will make them a more valuable resource.

Along with a virtual tour of the CHUNK Learning platform, this webinar will address:

  • How a network science approach serves as the foundation for real-time, personalized, adaptive learning;
  • How our curated collection of educational content is presented as a network of knowledge;
  • How the learning management system contains a recommender system supporting both individualized and personalized instruction, matching learning needs (as stored in student profiles) with educational content and presenting each learner with a personalized network of knowledge; and
  • The requirement to continually update the student profile and educational content in an adaptive learning environment.

This session will also demonstrate the use of CHUNK Learning from an educator’s perspective, identifying how teachers can use reusable content to ensure learners are meeting the same learning goals while respecting students’ different learning needs.