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Authoring xAPI Profiles with the xAPI Profile Server

December 16, 2020

Aaron Silvers

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Subject: Aaron Silvers of MakingBetter will present a working tour of the xAPI Profile Server, a new tool by the ADL Initiative to author, serve, and validate xAPI Profiles. MakingBetter will walk through the process of developing an xAPI Profile in two phases: one to produce documentation that can be followed with repeatable outcomes, and one to author the JSON-LD document with the tool.

Audience: Anyone interested in authoring xAPI Profiles.

Speaker Biography: Aaron E. Silvers works with teams to develop outcome-oriented analytics strategies aligned with business objectives. A common theme throughout his 20+-year career is an embrace of emerging technology, creativity, and entrepreneurialism that charts learning & development paths towards measurable outcomes to scale. Mr. Silvers is an expert in learning technology and data analytics and has collaborated with experienced people in program and product leadership roles. He lives his passion for learning, collaboration, and community building. Through his consultancy, MakingBetter, Aaron has facilitated partnerships between government, military, academia, and industry. With Elsevier, Mr. Silvers helps to power next-gen clinical healthcare products to improve patient outcomes. He works with trade groups, open-source efforts, and standards organizations to improve education and talent development.

Contact: If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact the Technical Webinar Coordinator, Liz Bradley, at

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