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Enterprise Course Catalog: 2021 Demo #1 and Open House

January 26, 2021

Brent Smith, Ashley Howell (ADL Initiative), Eric Flamer (Deloitte), Matt Drayer (edX)

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Subject: Existing DoD training and education course catalogs are not designed to easily transfer data about learning activities between the different DoD systems. With hundreds of DoD organizations currently using a wide variety of methods to describe and publish these resources, there are now thousands of proprietary and disconnected catalog capabilities across the enterprise, many of them hard to find or even know they exist. The Enterprise Course Catalog (ECC) will enable a global search capability that pulls information from decentralized local catalogs across the DoD and aggregates the content into a single, Defense-wide portal.

Overview: This session will introduce the ECC through the lens of ongoing DoD modernizing learning efforts. An overview of the ECC design and planned implementation for capturing learning opportunities across the DoD will be presented. Next, the session will delve into the tools, technologies, and standards that enable this data sharing. Specifically, the team will give an update on its development of a planned, automated metadata service that will be used to align learning activities (e.g., courses, instructional materials) with standardized data on careers, competencies, and credentials. Finally, the team will present the IEEE P2881 Learning Activity Metadata Standard which will support interoperability across the enterprise.

Audience: This session is intended for all organizational stakeholders involved with the training and education programs in your organization. This includes training, human capital, and program managers and leadership. This session is also intended for any practitioner that wants to contribute to improving the user experience related to learning and development: making training courses easier to find or helping learners find the right course to facilitate learning outcomes.

Speaker Biographies

Brent Smith is a SETA Contractor for the ADL Initiative and is a Software Systems Architect with over 25 years of experience in designing and developing learning technologies for government stakeholders, defining R&D roadmaps to meet organizational objectives, and establishing chains of research that align with strategic goals. As the ADL Initiative Research, Development, and Engineering (RD&E) Principal, Mr. Smith helps ensure the ADL Initiative research agenda is aligned with its overall strategy.

Ashley Howell is a SETA Contractor for the ADL Initiative where she performs as the primary Technical Point of Contact for research and development into Defense-wide learner records and interoperable course catalog networks. Through this work, she participates in numerous standards working groups across industry, academia, and government that are working to establish standards that support the DoD’s vision for Enterprise Digital Learning. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and an M.S. in Modeling and Simulation from the University of Central Florida.

Eric Flamer is a part of Deloitte Consulting’s Government & Public Sector Human Capital practice and the ECC Project Manager. His 8 years at Deloitte have been focused on the design, implementation, and sustainment of learning and development programs - serving various roles as a project manager, product owner, curriculum designer, learning management system administrator, instructor, and course designer.

Matt Drayer is a Senior Solutions Architect at edX with over 21 years of experience focused on the design, development, testing, and deployment of cloud-enabled service-oriented platforms in support of highly scalable electronic business initiatives. At edX, he has been instrumental to the ongoing development and operation of the freely available open source technology and home to more than 25 million global learners and used by top-ranked universities and industry-leading companies all over the world.

Contact: If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact the Technical Webinar Coordinator, Liz Bradley, at

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