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Measuring and Assessing Human Readiness

March 9, 2021

Ashley Howell and Hunter Smith (ADL Initiative, SETA Contractors)

This presentation is not hosted by the ADL Initiative; it is part of the 2021 Human Systems Digital Experience conference. Registration through NDIA is required to attend.

Since 2016, the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative has been developing the Total Learning Architecture (TLA), a 4-pillar data strategy for managing lifelong learning. Each data pillar is built around a set of international data standards that combine to increase the granularity and fidelity of learner data. This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the TLA and its related data standards. It will include a description of the TLA reference implementation and provide pointers to numerous tools and technologies that webinar viewers can use to improve the fidelity and granularity of learner data within their own organizations. Finally, this webinar will provide numerous lessons learned and best practices derived from the ADL Initiative’s experience in working with other DoD stakeholders for how this data can be used to improve the overall assessment of learners.

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