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Virtual Reality in Training

April 20, 2021

Speaker: Nicholas Deslandes (Canadian Department of National Defence Enhanced Performance Innovation Centre)

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Group of soldiers wearing VR equipment

Overview: What is Virtual Reality (VR)? What’s the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR)? Why are there so many acronyms? Join Nicholas Deslandes for a discussion about Virtual Reality and its place in the learning industry. We’ll explore the basics of VR and how organizations can benefit from its use on any budget. We’ll look at examples of great VR applications, and how to identify problem areas that can be solved using VR technologies. Whether it’s your first time learning about VR, or if you want to see what your possibilities are, there’s something in this for you.

Subject: The Enhanced Performance Innovation Centre (EPIC) will provide an introductory presentation on VR for education and training. The presentation will discuss what VR is, and break down the differences between the various forms of VR and AR. The presentation will discuss how other industries are using VR to improve their training, along with statistics relating to its effectiveness. Finally, EPIC will look at different avenues for getting into VR training by looking at outcomes versus cost.

Audience: Both technical and nontechnical users are encouraged to join this webinar. Technical teams can see what technology may best benefit their research and experiments, while non-technical teams can see how VR training can benefit their organization.

About the Speaker

Nicholas Deslandes is the current ADL Lab Manager for EPIC at Canada’s Department of National Defence. His responsibilities involve research and implementation of innovative technologies into the education and training of the Canadian Armed Forces. Nicholas has led many innovation initiatives, including the use of Mobile, 3D, VR, and Web technologies. He has worked with the EPIC team over the past 8 years.

Contact: If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact the Technical Webinar Coordinator, Liz Bradley, at

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