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Impactful Specifications and Standards from the Total Learning Architecture

May 18, 2021

Ashley Howell, Andy Johnson, Yihua Liu, Hunter Smith, and Florian Tolk (ADL Initiative, SETA Contractors)

This webinar is not hosted by the ADL Initiative - please visit to learn how to register and attend this webinar.

Overview: Members of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative technical team will deliver a webinar in the Medbiquitous (AAMC) Series focused on work underway at the ADL Initiative and with technical working groups to build a Total Learning Architecture (TLA) that will increase the capability of distributed learning.

Subject: This presentation will dive into the ADL Initiative’s four-pillar data strategy for managing lifelong learning, including related efforts to establish a set of international data standards. These standards are key enablers for the TLA, which serves as the foundation for a future learning ecosystem.

The first standard is the Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI), which will enable the collection of human- and machine-readable data on learning experiences and human performance. The second standard is for Learning Activity Metadata, which will increase the granularity of how learning activities are aggregated and described. Third is the Reusable Competency Definition (RCD) standard, which will describe how competencies can be defined, organized, and designed to be shared across organizations.

Another part of the ecosystem is the Learner Profile, which binds all aspects of the learner – their past, present, and future – into a cohesive data structure. These TLA elements can be leveraged collectively or individually to increase organizational success.

Audience: MedBiquitous Community Connection is a forum for community experts to share how digital technologies are creating better outcomes across the continuum of health professions education. A portion of each webinar will reserve time for Q&A, allowing the audience to interact with the guest speakers.

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This webinar is not hosted by the ADL Initiative - please visit to learn how to register and attend this webinar.

About the Speakers

These ADL Initiative team members each bring a passion and expertise to the topic areas. Andy Johnson is the ADL Initiative’s Specifications and Standards Manager, overseeing standards development and their policy implications. Ashley Howell is an ADL Initiative project manager overseeing DoD education and training modernization efforts. Yihua Liu is an ADL Initiative Data Analyst with a keen interest in xAPI and the capabilities it can enable. Florian Tolk and Hunter Smith are ADL Initiative software engineers. Florian’s focus is on competency and credentialing systems while Hunter’s is on metadata and learner profiles.

Contact: If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact the Technical Webinar Coordinator, Liz Bradley, at

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