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IEEE Enterprise Learner Record Working Group (P2997)

The ADL Initiative participates in this public working group from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Learning Technology Standards Committee. The P2997 Working Group aims to create a standard for an Enterprise Learner Record (ELR) data model, and a learner-focused Application Programming Interface (API) for communicating learner data between connected systems and across organizational boundaries in an enterprise.

The proposed Enterprise Learner Record standard consists of two parts.

  • The first part of the standard defines the Enterprise Learner Record (ELR) data model for the various data objects that are used in the standard. The ELR data model preserves data ownership and integrity by indicating where raw learner data is stored and by providing the ability to track the following:

    • Learner’s path through different organizations
    • Variety of learning experiences – demonstrated competencies
    • Conferred credentials
    • Employment history

The data model describes the different ELR data elements, and establishes rules for calculating how schema elements are populated and data is stored within a Learner Profile to satisfy use cases, such as auditing within an organization.

  • The second part of the standard defines the transfer methods and API for communicating learner records between services that adhere to the specification. This includes the format of requests and the expected responses. The Learner API enables privacy and security of learner data transmitted between connected systems through formal information exchange agreements (e.g., Interservice Connection Agreements). The Learner API follows the guidelines of the Representational State Transfer (REST) software architecture style and is transferred via HTTP requests and responses.

Date Started: 24 March 2022

Meeting Schedule: Meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, 4PM ET. To join this group visit

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