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Competency & Skills System (CaSS)

Providing a robust common language and translation method for competencies, evidence of attainment, and associated resources.


The future learning ecosystem must support greatly enhanced assessment, recording, and reporting of performance through credible credentials. The idea of competencies represents performance across a wide array of knowledge, skills and attributes. This project focuses on the research, design, and development of services that enable competency frameworks to be leveraged within the Total Learning Architecture (TLA). The Competency and Skills System (CASS) enables collection, processing, and incorporation of credentials and data ("assertions") about an individual’s competencies into accessible, sharable learner profiles. CaSS will create an infrastructure enabling competencies, competency frameworks, and competency-based learner models to be managed and accessed independently of a learning management system, course, training program, or credential.

Major Deliverables

  • Architecture and APIs documentation
  • Evidence Processing Component, Resource Alignment Component, and Profile Manager (code, documentation, and demos)
  • Blockchain proof of concept


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Project Details

Period of Performance: FY15-FY19

External Performers: Eduworks Corporation

Contract: W911QY-16-C-0002


Using Competencies to Map Performance across Multiple Activities

2017; IITSEC; Robson, R.; Poltrack, J.
When a single training system accumulates data on learner performance, the data are stored in a way determined by the system's designers. This enables the system to access these data and to apply them to its interactions with learners.In environments...