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Flavors of xAPI – How to Use xAPI Profiles (xAPI Learning Cohort)

February 10, 2022

Andy Johnson, Specifications and Standards Manager; Brent Smith, R&D Principal (ADL Initiative, SETA Contractors)

Spring 2022 xAPI Learning Cohort (Week 4 | February 10, 2022)

This webinar was not hosted by the ADL Initiative; it was part of the Spring 2022 Torrance xAPI Learning Cohort series.

The ADL Initiative is committed to supporting the distributed learning community, including enlightening newcomers about the specifications and standards that allow its continued growth. ADL Initiative team member Andy Johnson (Specifications and Standards Manager, SETA Contractor) presented “Flavors of xAPI – How to use xAPI Profiles” to the Torrance xAPI Learning Cohort in February 2022. The xAPI Learning Cohort is a free, vendor-neutral learning-by-doing team learning experience designed for those who are new to xAPI. Participants were coached to experiment with xAPI to learn its principles and capabilities. To view the “Flavors of xAPI – How to use xAPI Profiles” presentation, visit Registration for the cohort is open any time at

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