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Joint Enterprise Standards Committee (JESC) Applications Technical Working Group

The JESC serves as the DoD information technology standards and Intelligence Community (IC) enterprise standards governance body. This forum collaborates and recommends common enterprise standards, profiles, and specifications for the respective DoD and IC information environments. The JESC directs and oversees subordinate committees, working groups, and ad-hoc enterprise standards activities.

The standards activities are managed by specific Technical Working Groups (TWGs). Each TWG is responsible for reviewing and recommending relevant information technology/data standards to the JESC senior committee. Standards approved by this committee are mandated by DoD Chief Information Officer for DoD-wide use and acquisitions.

The JESC Applications TWG is open to DoD personnel, only. It manages standards that affect application programming, web services, and system interoperability. This TWG also covers standards for graphics, user interfaces, databases, and application services. ADL Initiative leadership serve as the Applications TWG co-chairs, and ADL Initiative contractor subject-matter experts support. Chairing a TWG involves reviewing Change Requests (CRs) for new standards, renewal of existing standards, and deprecation of old standards. Other responsibilities include moderation of the TWG, coordination of two or more annual meetings, and performing updates to the DoD IT Standards Registry (DISR) based on the resolution of CRs in the TWG meetings.

Meeting Schedule: Two meeting cycles per year (2-4 meetings per cycle). See the DISR calendar for more information on attending meetings (GIG Technical Guidance Federation account set up required).